Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Celtic Goddess of healing- Airmid

Airmid GoddessAirmid was the Goddess of healing, learning, magic and herbalism. She is daughter the surgeon of the Gods, Dian Cecht and was said to be one of the wisest Goddess. She based her magic on the healing of humans and bringing them good health. She would heal the dead warriors and help the sick to become healthy. When images of Airmid appear she is is seen to be a strong wiled woman, with long brown hair and who dresses to the blending of her surroundings. She wears handmade objects made out of the trees and wears on her a cloak. When people invoke her spirit they seek guidance from her and ask that her knowledge help them to pass through troubled times. In modern times, the Celtic have created a symbol of Airmid that they can hold with them to help them to receive the guidance and protection from Airmid. This figure is made out of purple fabric, stitched together by silver thread, attached to it a stone from the healing waters, surrounded by rosemary, thyme, basil and lavender. The figure is said to bring peace and protection to the bearer and will always contain the spirit of Airmid within it. She has taught the Celtic people the secret to the healing by  herbs and gives them the knowledge of using them to help each other.

The people have come to honor Airmid so much that during her worship by the people they created alters in her name. These alters held within them all of the herbs known in the world, a piece of cloth to represent her cloak and a bowl of spring water to represent her and her families magical forces that flow through life. People also invoke her spirit when they seek magical workings, healing, herbalism, restoration and plant medicine. Poems have also been thought of in acknowledgement of Airmid, one for example is the Carmina Gadelica. This poem is set around the harvesting of herbs for healing and natural purposes. It shows plants and herbs to be a symbolism to the Celtic and are used in many rituals when healing the wounded.

In devotion to Airmid the Celtic people have learnt to strive at their best through hard times to fulfill their best and work to health themselves as well as others through the use of herbs. They also practice the actions of creating gardens and healing the planet by continuing to create a world of plants.

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